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Digital Repositories: Interoperability and Common Services Workshop | Papers

Optimising Metadata Workflows in a Distributed Environment
R.John Robertson, Jane Barton [PDF]

Information design for cultural documentation
Chryssoula Bekiari, Panos Constantopoulos, Martin Doerr [PDF]

DEPTAL: A Framework for Institutional Repositories
José Borbinha, Jorge Machado [PDF]

SHERPA DP: Establishing a persistent preservation environment for institutional repositories
G. Knight, A. Wilson [PDF]

Reliability modelling for long-term digital preservation
Panos Constantopoulos, Martin Doerr, Meropi Petraki [PDF]

Evaluating preservation strategies for audio and video files
Carl Rauch, Franz Pavuza, Stephan Strodl, Andreas Rauber [PDF]

Signal Ingest in Uncompromising Liner Video Archiving: Pitfalls, Loopholes and Solutions
Franz Pavuza [PDF]

Extending the Open Journals OAI repository with RDF aggregation and querying (African Journals Online)
Ed Crewe [PDF]

METALIS, an OAI Service Provider
Zeno Tajoli (short paper) [PDF]

Searching Heterogenoeous e-Learning Resources
Boon Low, John MacColl [PDF]

Digital Object Lifecycle in dLibra Digital Library Framework
Cezary Mazurek, Marcin Werla (short paper) [PDF]

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